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Something Better Foods Inc. is a B-corp that has created the best-tasting plant-based protein solution, with the texture and taste that satisfies our body’s desire for meat. We believe that healthy food should be affordable and accessible to all people, and we provide healthy cooking education to change lives one “chew” change at a time.

GW Chew, aka Chef Chew, is a vegan food inventor/restaurateur for over 15 years. His mission is to change lives one chew @ a time, and to bring holistic solutions to urban communities. He has developed his own line of plant protein, entitled Better Chew, which help meat-eaters transition into a vegan lifestyle.

He recently founded The Veg Hub Restaurant, a social enterprise that provides affordable and delicious vegan food, and free cooking classes to the San Francisco Bay Area. Chef Chew has his own TV Show, called Chew’s Challenge,and loves to share the good news of health.

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Chef GW Chew