Monday Dec 6 2021 at OAKSTOP in Oakland

Food Makers are change makers: 2021 Holiday Marketplace

Emily Winston
Real New York style bagels in the Bay Area!
Onye Ahanotu
Exploring new perspectives of ancient tropical wines
Alicia M Kidd
Bringing equity, diversity, and ownership to the wine industry
Oumar Diouf
Empanadas & more: Where Global Flavors Meet Local People
Bakari Olatunji
Building an independent economy for African people
John Farais
Rediscovery of Ancient Native Foodways and Health
Claire Schlemme
Climate-friendly baking: byproducts from food manufacturing upcycled into delicious products
Kayla Abe
Cosmetically-challenged produce rescued into delicious upcycled pickles.
Priyanka Khole
Puffed Bean Snacks made from 3 ancient beans. Modern foods inspired by ancient wisdom.
Sarita Lopez
Cactus Water - The New Coconut Water!
Tim Richards
Stone-ground coconut and almond butters, plus chocolate versions, nourishing people and planet
Rana Chang
SF Bay Area's most beloved kombucha. Organic, naturally homegrown craft.
Pamela Burns
Locally sourced handcrafted comfort food with a healthy twist
Lisa Curtis
Sustainable superfood snacks with naturally energizing moringa
Youngwon Lee
Asian-inspired craft beers brewed in California
Matt Kreutz
We don't hire people to bake bread, we bake bread to hire people
GW “Chef” Chew
Better Chew: The next generation of plant-based comfort food
Ryan Amistead
Your cold-pressed dose of health and happiness
Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion



Climate Change regenerative

“The best event for leading food entrepreneurs and the community that supports them to come together.”

More to come ...

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