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Claire Schlemme

Renewal Mill is a next generation ingredient company that upcycles byproducts from food manufacturing into high-quality ingredients and products. Our model allows us to reduce global food waste and increase affordable nutrition in our food system through the utilization of the millions of pounds of byproducts that are wasted each year.

Dana Frasz

The Food Shift Kitchen is a social enterprise catering company that rescues, donates, and processes surplus food while providing job training and employment for individuals overcoming homelessness. As a nonprofit, we depend on community contributions. We invite you to support us in creating pathways out of poverty.

Deana Dennard
Logistics: Power Outlet and internet would be excellent.

Hi, thank you all of you so much. We’d like to introduce you to our company Sonoma Enlivened. We are the creator’s & manufactures of Enlivened brand of organic, living, probiotic beverages. We are poised to be the next big thing in the expanding functional-beverage aisle. We took our time, served our communities and built a company that we are proud of with determination and integrity delivering beverages & products for the health and wellness of people, the planet …and profit of course. What’s Next? Expansion into National retailers/prove from California to Portland and concentrate all of our marketing $’s on a precision distributed launch with 1m ask to secure next level growth.

Eric Quick
Logistics: Power outlet and table cover

The Town Kitchen is a mission-driven B2B food company that employs, empowers and elevates professionally and economically at-risk youth. TTK partners with SF Bay Area companies creating community impact by providing turn-key solutions to corporate food and beverage needs. They did over $1.1M in 2018 revenue (up 82% y-o-y) and on track for $2M In 2019. Companies like Uber, Mosaic Solar, and Google have all enjoyed TTK’s culinary-inspired, “amenity in a box” offerings. They’re currently raising a $600K Seed round and open to contacts for sales leads at Bay Area Companies.

Convertible Debt
Gary Peterson
Logistics: None, thanks.

California FarmLink’s Investment Notes enable all investors to generate loan funds for its nonprofit, mission-based lending for organic and sustainable farmers’ operating costs, land and equipment purchases, and conservation practices.

Lauren Joyner
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Loca Food creates allergy-free, plant-based alternatives for dairy products that are better for people, animals and the planet. Our first product is the reinvention of an American favorite – nacho cheese sauce.

Maria Garcia Brennan
Logistics: Table cloth (black). Please provide details for drop off / delivery timing and logistics for product. Thank You!

Soñar! Foods is a Latina-owned organic food brand making the only USDA Organic Certified Grain Free Tortilla Chip delivering 3 grams of protein & 5 grams of fiber from garbanzo beans, cassava, hemp, chia, & flax. Soñar! is on a mission to empower & nourish a nation of dreamers with its unique business model that supports organic sourcing, delicious & nutrient dense ingredients, and the Latino Community Foundation with at least 1% of annual sales. Soñar! is raising $1MM in funding via convertible note.

$1 Million
Convertible Note
Michelle Pusateri

Gluten free, vegan granola company focusing on farm direct ingredients and supporting our local community since 2010. $1.6m in 2018. Looking to upgrade our equipment to triple capacity and maximize efficiency.

Saru Jayaraman
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COLORS Oakland is an upscale social impact restaurant in Oakland, managed by celebrity Chef Daniel Patterson. COLORS offers training for mobility for low-wage workers while providing great food and service.

Stephen Heckeroth
Logistics: Please provide a parking spot for our truck and 16 foot trailer.

Solectrac’s powerful, quiet, low maintenance, zero emission electric tractors are the first-to-market alternative to diesel tractors to produce clean food, reduce fossil fuel dependence and mitigate climate change.

$ 2.5 Million
Sunny Jain
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Sun Genomics is a microbiome health company creating lab-crafted precision probiotics based on your digestiveDNA. We collect, analyze, and ship 3 months of probiotics to your door for $297. We are looking for series A investors to lead the next round in 2020 and just closed our seed.

Tijan Watt

Bringing Beautiful Coffee to the People! We have recently secured our Series A financing, now we would like to expand our offering through an equity crowdfunding to promote community ownership for those who do not qualify as accredited investors. Please follow our upcoming launch on our website and at our partner WeFunder!

Equity crowdfunding


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Akshay Prabhu
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Foodnome helps cooks manage, market, and monetize home restaurants so diners can enjoy food as diverse as the communities they are part of. We are raising 2.2M for 18 months of operations. We plan to hone are product market fit by building a network of 350 cooks over 3 counties in CA.

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Colleen Kavanagh
Logistics: It would be great to have 5-6 feet of space. It's hard to get all our products on something smaller and be able to sample.

ZEGO makes delicious, nourishing food with pioneering traceable purity testing for toxicants. Seeking 200K to close 1st half of seed (800K already closed). Build relationships for 2nd half (1M) opening August.

$200,000 by mid-June + 1M in late summer
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Daniel Enking
Logistics: Please confirm table size and whether we need to bring a tablecloth

Everflux turns currently un-diverted organic waste into a liquid probiotic fertilizer that we call Bioflux, aka kombucha for plants. We make it with a proprietary fermentation process that was developed by an award-winning Sonoma County farmer.

$1.5 million
Harrison Rice
Logistics: ice please for our teas and an ice bucket, as well as trash cans for our compostable sample cups.

Shaka Tea is the tea for every body, every diet, always shared with ALOHA. Brewed with adaptogenic māmaki, which is only found in the Hawaiian Islands, this ancient superleaf has been revered for centuries for its health benefits Our 100% plant-powered, herbal teas are caffeine-free, sugar-free and support sustainable agriculture. Māmaki is the host plant for our endangered, native pollinator butterfly, pulelehua, so planting māmaki is an act of conservation.

Competing in the fast-growing $6 billion + RTD market and better-for-you wellness beverage category where 0cal/0g sugar are key, Shaka Tea is rapidly growing into a national brand with 30 DCs open and will be in 3,000 doors by end of Q2 2019. To support this growth, we are opening a series A round, looking for strategic and values-aligned capital partners who believe in supporting sustainable agriculture in our islands and growing Shaka Tea into a market leader within the RTD tea space.

$4-6 million
Jamie Stark
Logistics: Power outlet

Farming Hope is a culinary nonprofit focused on growing leaders. We run a paid, 12-week job training program at our community kitchen and garden in San Francisco. We help remove barriers to employment for folks who have experienced homelessness or incarceration.

On June 1 we launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to employ and empower 14 additional apprentices in 2019. Donate to help grow 14 new local food system leaders.

Koji Kanematsu
Logistics: Power for rice warmer x2, Food warmer x1, Machine for shaping rice x1, total 4 outlet. We also bring 3ft table to set up a machine.

ONIGILLY [Oh-KNEE-Ghee-Lee] is a Japanese fast-casual chain. Mission is to provide delicious, healthy, and convenient foods, which help contribute to better eating habits nationwide.

Nancy Rosales
Logistics: Power

Pepitos Paletas is a minority woman-owned co-op combining the tradition of the Mexican paleta with modern fresh made-to-order and delivery to reinvent the frozen dessert experience and seeking capital partners to scale

Equity and debt
Rajbir Randhawa
Logistics: Power outlet, 2 tables

Baagan is a Plant Based, Organic, Healthy Quick Service Restaurant and Retail Product-line.
Our mission at Baagan is to create Healthy, Wholesome, and Plant-Based Food to provide the maximum benefit to our consumers without compromising taste.
Baagan has been in business since 2010 and has formed a franchising business model. Currently operating two restaurants in the East Bay at San Ramon and Moraga

Equity Investment
Rana Lehmer-Chang
Logistics: tablecloth and cups

Eternal Foods – Food without the Wrapper. The world’s first fresh and raw focused zero-waste grocery store. On-tap milk, yogurt, raw almond milk and juice. Save up to 50% off regular grocery pricing by buying in bulk and refilling containers. Zero-waste hot and cold bar on site. Set to open downtown Berkeley January 2020.

$1,000 gift certificate, limit 250 for 10% off for life, $1k store credit, brick in the wall and Cofounder's tote and container set
Rosa Li
Logistics: Is there ice?

Tea Crush is a tea-based sparkling wellness beverage. We infuse tea with super herbs that offer various health benefits. We have a differentiated distribution model that accelerates growth 10x upon launch of new products.

Convertible note
Ryan Armistead
Logistics: None

Specializing in distribution and sale of bottled juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and functional herbal teas made from cosmetically imperfect, organic produce to deliver highest quality products while helping fight food waste. +$2m annual run rate and operating a community impact project with the San Francisco Boys & Girls Clubs, the company donates time, valuable entrepreneurial experience, and financial resources to local, underserved youth.

Equity, Debt, and/or Crowd Funding
Scott Edwards
Logistics: Power Outlet

Drop Water is making bottled water sustainable with its innovative packaging and novel distribution and manufacturing method. The company is seeking Series A investment in order to steer the beverage industry into a more sustainable future.

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