Thursday, June 6, 2019 · 8:30 - 6:00 · Presidio San Francisco

8:00am   Registration and Light Breakfast


Welcome · Setting the Table · Industry Overview

Entrepreneur Lab

9:05am - 9:45am   Keynote Panel

JEDI for a Just Food System

Why Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion matter to communities, markets and investors

9:55am - 10:45am   Breakout Workshops

Equity? Debt? The Right Type of Capital

How to choose the right type and terms of capital for your enterprise's stage and your investors

Understanding Omnichannel

Placing your bets on retail, Amazon, and e-commerce

Sustainable Sourcing Up the Food Chain

Strengthen your collaboration in a transparent supply community

10:00am – 12:30pm   Snap Feedback!   check-in upstairs, by prior appointment only

10:50am - 11:30am   Keynote Panel

How Climate and Carbon Matter for Success in Food

Building carbon drawdown into your food business (and investments)

11:35am - 12:25pm   Breakout Workshops

Activating the Community for Seed Investment

How to raise up to $1M with a successful crowdfunding campaign

Working with Influencers

Mastering a key discipline for growing your brand and customer engagement

Smart Dating with Larger Partners

Getting from accelerators and corporates what you really need


1:20pm - 2:10pm   Breakout Workshops

Due Diligence is about People

Orientation for investors: What investors need to know about the team before investing

Blockchain in the Food Chain

New solutions for better transparency in supply

Are Your Investors Really a Good Fit?

Entrepreneurs only: How to recognize the red flags? Stories to learn from.

Food Investor Showcase

2:25pm - 4:30pm


with Feedback and Awards

Jon Sebastiani: Kraving the entrepreneur’s Journey

From Food Investor Fair to Sonoma Brands

4:30pm - 6:00pm

Entrepreneur Marketplace & Networking Reception

Tastings and Refreshments

Sponsoring Partners

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