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Minh Tsai

Founder and CEO

Minh Tsai never expected to be a running one of the most sought after plant-based food brands. After getting his master’s from Columbia University, he spent 10 years as an investment banker, management consultant, and software builder.

About 15 years ago, he became frustrated he couldn’t find the delicious tofu and yuba he grew up eating in Vietnam. So he shifted gears and decided to make it himself.

After apprenticing with some of the world’s most respected artisans, Minh started Hodo. Creating his own take on traditional methods using tofu and yuba, Hodo products quickly became the must-have ingredients for chefs, and a ready-to-eat staple for every home. Today, Hodo is used in thousands of restaurants from Chipotle to Single Thread, and can be found in retail stores like Whole Foods Market and Target nationwide.

With the success of Hodo, Minh is currently creating more plant-based protein options that continue to deliver what Hodo is known for: natural, clean, and convenient plant-based foods that are simply delicious.

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Minh Tsai